twinkie tush "Gender Reveal" teenie tush!

This listing is for a teenie tush FUSION Simplify cloth diaper which will be made in either a shade of pink or a shade of blue cv and sent to you as a gender reveal!

How it works:

Step 1 - Purchase this listing. Please include in the notes field whether you would like a serged or turned diaper (if neither is specified we will make you a serged diaper).
Also please include in the notes field the name of the person who will be emailing us with your baby's sex, and a date estimate for that email (must be within 6 weeks please).

Step 2 - Give our email address ( and your order number to the person who will be emailing us, and ask them to include your name, your order number, and your baby's sex in the email! :)

Step 3 - Once the information has been emailed to us by your representative, please email us yourself as well, to confirm that we have received the information!

Step 4 - We ship your diaper within 1 week of receiving the email!

Step 5 - Surprise!! Open your package and learn your baby's sex! Celebrate by snuggling the cutest fluffy little diaper, made and packed with love from twinkie tush!