SYOF Custom Bundle: 3-5 items (DIAPERS ONLY)

With this listing you are purchasing a custom slot for a mix of diapers in one print! This is a Send Your Own Fabric custom, which means you choose your print and send it in! Fabric requirements for diapers are as follows:

A single diaper requires minimum 22inx22in of knit fabric (16inx16in for a teenie tush). Two diapers require minimum 22in length x 58in width. Three diapers require a yard (36in) x 58in width. Please note that at this time woven fabrics may not be used for SYOF Custom Bundles.

With this custom slot you can build a set with any combination of diapers, minimum of 3 and maximum of 5. Only diapers cannot be included in this bundle. You may also add as many wipe packs as you'd like, and wipe packs do not count towards your total of 3-5 items. Some examples of sets would include:

The possibilities are endless!

Please note that an email with your full order specifications (item styles, sizes, etc.) is due within 24 hours of securing this spot. Tracking information for your fabric must be provided within one week. You may use a spreadsheet to let us know what you'd like, or you may simply type your selections into the body of your email.

With this listing you are purchasing the custom fee for the creation of your one of a kind set. The items you choose to add on will all be priced a la carte in addition to the $20 creation fee. Your total in custom item fees, plus pre-combined shipping, will be invoiced once you send us your choices. (Please note that while we will pre-combine shipping for these sets, they will not be eligible for further combined shipping with any other items you order which ship at the same time.)

A la carte custom pricing:

Custom SYOF diapers are $42.50 for OS or little tush and $34.50 for teenie tush

Custom SYOF wipe sets (3 per set) are $11

Please note that all items must ship together to one address.

Thanks so much and happy creating!!