Made to Order twinkie tush FUSION night-night - Chestnut Wind Pro 2-pack: Girly accents

With an incredible level of absorbency, the twinkie tush night-night has been called "the Holy Grail of night-time diapering," It is unmatched: a superior night-time solution for moderate and heavy wetters alike.

Our newest diaper, the twinkie tush night-night FUSION, boasts incredible soaker absorbency like its cousin the fitted night-night, but instead of more bamboo fleece in the diaper body, you'll notice a super-stretchy layer of poly fleece! With an outer layer of Wind Pro, this diaper is not only an absorbent beast, but a stretchy one too!!

The night-night FUSION includes the same long snap-in folding soaker and extra-wide snap-in folding flare soaker as the traditional twinkie tush night-night, but instead of the lay-in booster you're used to, it comes with a lay-in FUSION booster, backed with poly fleece! This lay-in portion must be placed at the very bottom of the soaker system (situated the way it is in our FUSION diapers), to help push moisture back into the super-absorbent layers of fluff throughout the soaker system!

The twinkie tush night-night FUSION continues to solve the overnight absorbency needs of heavy-wetting little ones while giving you a more generous and stretchier fit! We can't wait to make yours for you!!

This listing is for a made to order FUSION night-night 2 pack with Chestnut Wind Pro fleece. Both diapers will have your choice of a cotton velour or natural organic bamboo velour inner , and the overall color scheme for the 2 diapers will be feminine. We are not able to accommodate specific cv color requests at this time. Please specify in the notes section if you prefer cotton velour or organic bamboo velour. If no note is left, we will use cotton velour.

These diapers will be made SERGED. We recommend serged as a finishing style for night-nights as it yields a better fit with less bulk than a turned finishing style, due to the generous amount of soaker fluff! Should you prefer turned diapers, please email following your purchase, and/or indicate your preference with a note included with your order. 

Please note that as this 2 pack is made to order, it will ship 6-8 weeks after the order is placed.

twinkie tush one size fitted cloth diapers can be used from approximately 12-35 lbs. Please note that all fitted diapers require covers to be waterproof. We highly recommend wool for use with our night-nights!

twinkie tush diapers are made with the highest quality materials, including organic bamboo velour or cotton velour and organic bamboo fleece/stretch fleece for incredible absorbency. For detailed information on the materials used, please visit our blog.

Shipping insurance is offered on all products and is recommended but not required.

We will ship to anywhere in the world! International customers outside of Canada, please select Canadian shipping and then email us at with your mailing address to determine the total shipping & handling cost of your order.