As a new twin mama, I knew I wanted more than anything to be able to stay at home with my children.  I also wanted them to have high quality, high performing, and beautiful handmade cloth diapers with a long-lasting fit.  What began with me at my sewing machine, making a few diapers for my “twinkies”, evolved into a small online shop that allowed me to contribute to the household income and be a work at home mom.  That small shop grew to encompass an amazing customer community and twinkie tush grew into a now well established company which my husband and I could not be more proud of. 

twinkie tush - ethos

We value quality, honesty, positivity, and community.  We choose to keep production of our diapers, twinkie togs (clothing), blankets and other accessories in the United States.  We provide the members of the growing twinkie tush team (now a team of 15 in all) a fair wage, and we value them more than words can say.  We choose to work with the best quality fabrics available, and not to take away from the incredible performance and absorbency of our diapers in order to cut costs.  We choose to create beautiful, handmade diapers using ever-changing and unique prints to keep cloth diapering as fun and as special as it can be for you and your children.  Our prices reflect those choices and mean that you are purchasing something that has been loved from concept through creation, and made to our quality standards.

twinkie tush participates in many charity events throughout each year.  Giving back is something that is incredibly important to us and it means the world to us that we can make a difference in the lives of others.  Charity events are typically announced on our Facebook pages and twitter feed.

We prioritize excellent customer service and communication and we are always accessible via email and active on our Facebook pages and other social media accounts.  We stand behind our products and we genuinely value and respect our customers.  We would not be where we are without you, and we will continue to do everything we can to make your twinkie tush experience the very best it can be!